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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bidirectional Logic Level Translator

The ADG3304 is a bidirectional logic level translator that
con-tains four bidirectional channels.

It can be used in multivoltage digital system applications such
as data transfer between a low voltage DSP/controller and a
higher voltage device using SPI and MICROWIRE interfaces.

The voltage applied to VCCA sets the logic levels on the A side
of the device, while VCCY sets the levels on the Y side. For proper
operation, VCCA must always be less than VCCY. The
VCCA-com-patible logic signals applied to the A side of the device
appear as VCCY-compatible levels on the Y side. Similarly,
VCCY-compatible logic levels applied to the Y side of the device
appear as VCCA-compatible logic levels on the A side.

The enable pin (EN) provides three-state operation on both the
A-side and the Y-side pins. When the EN pin is pulled low, the
terminals on both sides of the device are in the high impedance
state. The EN pin is referred to the VCCA supply voltage and

driven high for normal operation.

Bidirectional level translation
Operates from 1.15 V to 5.5 V
Low quiescent current <>