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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Microcontroller to USB Serial Interface Circuit

Microcontroller to USB UART Interface Circuit

Figure 7.4 USB to MCU Serial Interface
An example of using the FT232R as a USB to Microcontroller
(MCU) UART interface is shown in Figure 7.4. In this application
the FT232R uses TXD and RXD for transmission and reception of
data, and RTS# / CTS# signals for hardware handshaking. Also
in this example CBUS0 has been configured as a 12MHz output to
clock the MCU. Optionally, RI# could be connected to another I/O
pin on the MCU and used to wake up the USB host controller from
suspend mode. If the MCU is handling power management functions,
then a CBUS pin can be configured as PWREN# and would also be
connected to an I/O pin of the MCU.

FT245BM datasheet pdf

Implementation USB to microcontroller (AVR)

Purpose of this article is to inform readers about implementation
USB interface into singlechip microcontroller, which this interface
directly not supports. Simply: implementation USB interface on
firmware level (similar as emulation of RS232 Serial interface in
microcontrollers, which not have RS232 Serial support). This project
includes development of firmware on microcontroller side, driver
development on computer side (for Windows operating system) ,
development of DLL library for functions calling from another
programs (programmers level) and development of demo program
(users level), which shows all functions of this device. Device is
named IgorPlug-USB (AVR) (as successor of my previous device
for computer remote control
IgorPlug - serial port version).

Universal USB interface

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