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Monday, June 26, 2006

dc to dc converters

Switching regulator subsystems intended for use as
dc to dc converters.

The use of switching regulators is becoming more pronounced
over that of linear regulators because the size reductions in
new equipment designs require greater conversion efficiency.
Another major advantage of the switching regulator is that it
has increasednapplication flexibility of output voltage.
The output can be less than, greater than, or of opposite polarity
to that of the input voltage

The MC34063 series is a monolithic control circuit
containing all the active functions required for dc to dc
converters. This device contains an internal temperature
compensated reference, comparator, controlled duty cycle
oscillator with an active peak current limit circuit, driver,
and a high current output switch. This series was specifically
designed to be incorporated in step–up, step–down and
voltage–inverting converter applications. These functions
are contained in an 8–pin dual in–line package

· Wide Input Voltage Range 3 V to 40 V
· Precision Internal Reference 2%
· High Output Switch Current Up to 1.5 A
· Short-Circuit Current Limiting
· Adjustable Output Voltage
· Low Standby Current
· Oscillator Frequency Up to 100 kHz