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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Selecting a Transducer

Selection of the appropriate transducer is therefore the first and most
importance step in obtaining accurate results. The equations should be
asked before a transducer can be select
- What is the physical quantity to be measured ?
For determining the type and range of the measureand.
- Which transducer principle can best be used to measure this quantity?
For determining the input and output characteristic of the
transducer be compatible with the recording or measurement system.
- What accuracy is required for this measurement?
The accuracy requirement of the total system determine the
degree to which individual factor contributing to accuracy must be
considered. Some of these factors are
1. basic electronic and mechanical characteristic of the transducer
- Type and range of measurand
- Sensitivity
- Excitation
- Mechanical and electrical connection
- Mounting provisions
- Corrosion resistance
2. Transducer accuracy , as an independent component
- Nonlinearity effect
- Hysteresis effect
- Frequency response
- Resolution
3. Transducer’s compatibility
- Zero balance provisions
- Sensitivity tolerance
- Impedance matching
- Insulation resistance