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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

True RMS-to-DC Converter

Analog Devices, Inc.
The AD736 is a low power, precision, monolithic true rms-to-dc
converter. It is laser trimmed to provide a maximum error of
0.3 mV 0.3% of reading with sine wave inputs. Furthermore,
it maintains high accuracy while measuring a wide range of
input waveforms, including variable duty cycle pulses and triac
(phase) controlled sine waves.

200 mV full-scale input range (larger inputs with input attenuator)

High input impedance: 1012 Ω Low input bias current: 25 pA maximum

High accuracy: ±0.3 mV ± 0.3% of reading

RMS conversion with signal crest factors up to 5

Wide power supply range: +2.8 V, −3.2 V to ±16.5 V

Low power: 200 µA maximum supply current

Buffered voltage output

No external trims needed for specified accuracy