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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Precision Microstepping Driver Circuit

PBM 3960 is a dual 7-bit+sign, Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)
Especially developed to be used together with the PBL 3771,
Precision Stepper Motor driver in micro-stepping applications.
The circuit has a set of input registers connected to an 8-bit data port
for easy interfacing directly to a microprocessor. Two registers are
used to store the data for each seven-bit DAC, the eighth bit being a
sign bit (sign/ magnitude coding). A second set of registers are used
for automatic fast/slow current decay control in conjunction with
the PBL 3771, a feature that greatly improves highspeed micro-stepping
performance. The PBM 3960 is fabricated in a high-speed CMOS

Key Features
- Analog control voltages from 3 V down to 0.0 V.
- High-speed microprocessor interface.
- Automatic fast/slow current decay control.
- Full-scale error ±1 LSB.
- Interfaces directly with TTL levels and CMOS devices.
- Fast conversion speed, 3 ms.
- Matches PBL 3771.

PBM 3960 Datasheet pdf

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