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Monday, July 31, 2006

switching regulators for replace 78xx

The R-78xx-Series high efficiency switching regulators are ideally
suited to replace 78xx linear regulators and are pin compatible.

The efficiency of up to 97% means that very little energy is wasted as
heat so there is no need for any heat sinks with their additional space
and mounting costs. Low ripple and noise figures and a short circuit
input current of typically only 7mA round off the specifications of this
versatile converter series.

- Efficiency up to 97%,Non isolated,no need for heatsinks
- Pin-out compatible with LM78XX Linears
- Very low profile( L*W*H=11.5*7.5*10.2 )
- Wide input range.(4.75V ~ 34V)
- Short circuit protection, Thermal shutdown
- Non standard outputs available as specials between 1.5V ~15.5V

- Low ripple and noise