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Monday, September 04, 2006

Programmable Gain Thermocouple Amplifier Circuit

AD624 is Instrumentation amplifier of Analog Devices,
designed primarily for use with low level transducers,including
load cells, strain gauges, thermocouple and pressure transducers.

Picture shows the AD624 being used as a software programmable
gain amplifier. Gain switching can be accomplished with
mechanical switches such as DIP switches or reed relays. It
should be noted that the “on” resistance of the switch in series
with the internal gain resistor becomes part of the gain equation
and will have an effect on gain accuracy.

A significant advantage in using the internal gain resistors in a
programmable gain configuration is the minimization of thermocouple
signals which are often present in multiplexed data
acquisition systems.
If the full performance of the AD624 is to be achieved, the user
must be extremely careful in designing and laying out his circuit
to minimize the remaining thermocouple signals.