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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Electronic Enclosures

Bud Industries Quality electronic enclosures
Bud Industries is the United State's leading manufacturer of
standard electronic enclosures and custom electronic enclosures.

Top Manufacturer of Electronic Enclosures, Plastic Instrument
Cases, Project Boxes, and Enclosures

Electronic Enclosures
This enclosure consists of high-impact ABS (operating
temperature : -4°F to +212°F).The lid and the base equipped
with a tongue and groove
sealing system with a neoprene gasket. The mounting holes
and the lid-fixing screws are outside the seal, which prevents
moisture and dust from entering the enclosure. Internal
guide slots allow the vertical mounting of PCB assemblies.
Designed to meet IP65 of IEC529 and NAMA4 (dust- and
hose proof).
The bosses on the internal base allow the horizontal fixing
of PCBs or the connection of terminals, etc. with threaded
brass inserts.

modular housing,Vertical rail mounting, Power Box , Cases
for potted circuit , housing with socket , custom housing ,
panel housing

Plastic Enclosures and Electrical Connector Enclosures
PacTec has designed and manufactured plastic electronic
enclosures since 1978. Search our extensive plastic enclosure
database to find the plastic boxes that will house your PCB.