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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

EMC Filter Device

EMC Filter Device
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Belling Lee EMC Mains Filters
With the continuing development of electronics and its
applications into most areas of human activity it is important
to recognise the increasing danger of reducing the reliability
of equipment through electromagnetic interference.
Unplanned coupling of spurious signals into equipment can
cause inadvertent initiation of sequences leading to
unplanned events and happenings which can lead to
corruption of data, loss of revenue and danger to life.

These general purpose filters provide adequate attenuation
for the suppression and protection of most machines,
and are available in current ratings up to 100 amps three
phase four lines.

EMI/EMC Suppression in Audio/Video Interfaces
All electronic products marketed worldwide undergo EMI/EMC
(electromagnetic interference/electromagnetic compatibility)
testing before they are offered for sale to prove that they will
not create interference, or be interfered with by other devices.
For testing purposes, products are grouped into two classes:
intentional radiators and unintentional radiators. For example,
cell phones and walkie-talkies intentionally radiate energy while
TVs, PCs, or laptops should not.

EMC Filters
Schaffner is uniquely able to offer the world's most compre
hensive ranges of EMC filters, RFI suppression chokes, line
conditioning and power quality products, feedthrough
components, pulse transformers and automotive solutions.
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