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Monday, October 30, 2006


1.What is thermistor ? and Thermocouple Characteristics

2. Thermistor for Inrush Current Limiter
Thinking Electronic Industrail Co., Ltd
1. RoHS compliant
2. Body size Ф5mm~ Ф 30mm
3. Radial lead resin coated
4. High power rating
5. Wide resistance range
6. Cost effective
7. Operating temperature range
- 5mm :-40~+150℃
- 8~Φ10mm : -40~+170
- 13mm~Φ30mm : -40~+200
8. Agency Recognition: UL /cUL/TUV /CSA/CQC

Thermistor datasheet pdf

Thermistor Application
- Temperature measurement
- Temperature control
- Temperature compensation
- Inrush current suppressing
- Liquid level sensing

Thermistor Application Note pdf

Monday, October 23, 2006

Transient Voltage protection circuit

The Effect of Non ideal Capacitors
- Characteristic of Capacitors
- The Effect of Non ideal Capacitors
- The Effect of ESL
- Insertion Loss Characteristics of Typical Two-terminal
- Typical ESL Values for Capacitors
- The Effect of Equivalent Series Resistance

Differential and Common Mode Noise
- Suppression circuit of differential mode noise
- Suppression circuit of common mode noise

- Noise Suppression by Common Mode Choke Coils
Common mode choke coils are used to suppress
common mode noise. This type of coil is produced by
winding the signal or supply wires one ferrite core.

Circuit Protection from Transient Voltage by Varistor
- Circuit Transient Voltage by Varistor
- Characteristic of Varistor

Varistor device datasheet
EPCOS varistor
Crimp style. Taping mode. Max. AC operating voltage.
Tolerance of varistor voltage. EPCOS metal oxide varistor.
Leaded Varistors. StandarD Series

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

EMC Filter Device

EMC Filter Device
TGL Technology Co., Ltd.
Main Products: Manufacturers & Suppliers of EMI core,
EMC core, EMI Filter, EMI filters, EMI suppression, EMI

Belling Lee EMC Mains Filters
With the continuing development of electronics and its
applications into most areas of human activity it is important
to recognise the increasing danger of reducing the reliability
of equipment through electromagnetic interference.
Unplanned coupling of spurious signals into equipment can
cause inadvertent initiation of sequences leading to
unplanned events and happenings which can lead to
corruption of data, loss of revenue and danger to life.

These general purpose filters provide adequate attenuation
for the suppression and protection of most machines,
and are available in current ratings up to 100 amps three
phase four lines.

EMI/EMC Suppression in Audio/Video Interfaces
All electronic products marketed worldwide undergo EMI/EMC
(electromagnetic interference/electromagnetic compatibility)
testing before they are offered for sale to prove that they will
not create interference, or be interfered with by other devices.
For testing purposes, products are grouped into two classes:
intentional radiators and unintentional radiators. For example,
cell phones and walkie-talkies intentionally radiate energy while
TVs, PCs, or laptops should not.

EMC Filters
Schaffner is uniquely able to offer the world's most compre
hensive ranges of EMC filters, RFI suppression chokes, line
conditioning and power quality products, feedthrough
components, pulse transformers and automotive solutions.
Products PCB Filters, IEC Inlet Filters, Single Phase Filters,
Three Phase Filters, Three Phase + Neutral Line Filters,
Open Frame Filters

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Electronic Enclosures EMC shielding

Use Shielded Electronic Enclosures To Meet
EMC Standards

Proper selection of shielding options early in the design cycle
ensures electromagnetic compatibility without sacrificing other
Knowledge of shielding options and how to implement them
into initial product designs is vital to producing an electronic
packaging product that satisfies several important design
objectives. A properly applied shielding solution will meet
standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), as well as
cost restrictions and the specific needs of high-power and
high-speed electronics.

Selecting magnetic shielding metals
High-permeability shielding material prevent interference from
driving sensitive circuits crazy

Shielding Strategies for Today's Electronic Enclosures
For as long as electronics have been around, enclosure engineers
have seen their role in the EMC design process as the clean-up
crew. Whatever design engineers could not solve with tricks of the
trade was left to them to handle. Unfortunately, this practice
continues, and an often-repeated process of trial and error to
contain electromagnetic interference shows up more often than
not in the testing phase.

Electronic Enclosures shielding
Effective EMI control prevents spurious signals from entering
or leaving an enclosure. Shields and filters are the predominant
techniques for controlling EMI.Shields can involve many
combinations of foils, conductive inks, paper, and adhesives.
For example, there are now shields that consist of silver ink
printed on 5-mil-thick polyester. After printing, a curing process
removes nonconductive solvents. The result is a homogeneous
shield that does not crack or delaminate when bent. The shield
can be mechanically fastened and grounded with solder tabs.
The cost is about the same as that for conventional laminated

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Electronic Enclosures

Bud Industries Quality electronic enclosures
Bud Industries is the United State's leading manufacturer of
standard electronic enclosures and custom electronic enclosures.

Top Manufacturer of Electronic Enclosures, Plastic Instrument
Cases, Project Boxes, and Enclosures

Electronic Enclosures
This enclosure consists of high-impact ABS (operating
temperature : -4°F to +212°F).The lid and the base equipped
with a tongue and groove
sealing system with a neoprene gasket. The mounting holes
and the lid-fixing screws are outside the seal, which prevents
moisture and dust from entering the enclosure. Internal
guide slots allow the vertical mounting of PCB assemblies.
Designed to meet IP65 of IEC529 and NAMA4 (dust- and
hose proof).
The bosses on the internal base allow the horizontal fixing
of PCBs or the connection of terminals, etc. with threaded
brass inserts.

modular housing,Vertical rail mounting, Power Box , Cases
for potted circuit , housing with socket , custom housing ,
panel housing

Plastic Enclosures and Electrical Connector Enclosures
PacTec has designed and manufactured plastic electronic
enclosures since 1978. Search our extensive plastic enclosure
database to find the plastic boxes that will house your PCB.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Microcomputer Grounds in One- and Two-Layer PCB Design

A microcomputer ground is a ground area on the bottom
layer underneath the microcomputer that becomes a ground
island for the noise made by the microcomputer.
This area should extend about 1/4 inch outside the outline
of the device and tie to the microprocessor ground. Ground
connections for the power-supply bypassing capacitors and
any bypassing capacitors on the pins also should tie to this
ground. Additionally, the ground area should extend out and
around the through holes for the oscillator leads, and the
bypass capacitors tied in to provide the smallest possible loop
area when viewed from the top.

The topside traces are shown in dotted line form on the bottom
side diagram for alignment purposes. Notice how the oscillator
capacitors lay back over the traces between the device and the
crystal. This eliminates loop area. The same is true for the
placement of the ferrite bead and Vcc bypass capacitor, being
centrally located with the main power lead running almost directly
under the lead finger for the ground.

PCB Design Guidelines For Reduced EMI
Texas Instruments